As Weather Improves Driving Reminders

An inspector with the State Patrol urges drivers to be more vigilant when the weather begins to improve. Scott Hlinak says youth will be participating in more baseball and soccer and you need to be cautious driving through certain areas of Fond du Lac. He says, “Big areas the baseball diamond on Fourth Street, soccer complex on National Avenue by Moraine Park and UW-Fond du Lac and the high school. Always have a lot of parking. Kids getting dropped off and picked up and they are excited at the beginning of practice, a lot of times you will have the darting across the street.” Hlinak says drivers should also watch out for the kids who are being allowed by their parents to ride their bikes on the streets for perhaps the first time. He says, “A group of kids this is the first time that Mom or Dad allowing them into the street riding their bike so you got to be patient because they may not be familiar with all the rules of the road or as any young person the ability to do something physical and then think about what they are doing.” Hlinak also reminders motorists that are making a left turn to look out for motorcyclists and pedestrians if they are going to cross over a sidewalk or go through a crosswalk.