Asphalt Costs Increase For County Highway Projects

It’s going to cost the Fond du Lac County Highway Department a little more to do road projects this summer. County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke says it will cost them on average 42 dollars a ton for asphalt. That’s a little more than what it cost last year. He says, “It is up a little bit. Last year I want to say we were in the $40 range so it’s up a hair three percent or a little more. It is like anything material costs creep up every year it seems a little bit. But it is not too bad. Hopefully we won’t have any oil issues or any oil shortages.” This year’s county highway projects include improvements to stretches of County Highway GGG in the Town of Auburn and County Highway S in the Town of Alto. Closer to Fond du Lac a stretch of County Highway OOO will be improved. Janke says they also intend to make improvements to County Highway AW in the Alto area.