ASTOP Protective Behaviors Curriculum

The co-director for ASTOP says in addition to the importance of the work they do with survivors of sexual assault is the prevention education they do in area schools. “The Protective Behaviors curriculum the first theme of that is that we all have the right to feel safe, others have the right to feel safe when they are with us. So we explore and give examples, situations of what does that mean.” Angel Gilbertson says they teach kids in elementary school about the importance of identifying adults they feel safe talking to if they are ever sexually assaulted. She says, “So the little kiddo projects where you see the handprint we ask them to list five trusted adults with inside that hand. The point of that is for theme two of Protective Behaviors that no matter how awful something is or how small it is that we can go to a trusted adult to talk about that.” She tells us that with middle school and high school students they talk about what sexual assault is, consent, healthy relationships, technology and more.  ASTOP serves sexual assault survivors in Fond du Lac, Green Lake and Waushara counties.