At Least 4 New Faces Expected On County Board

There will be at the very least four new faces on the Fond du Lac County Board once the Spring Election results are announced.

Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg released the updated list of current candidates and status on those that filed the nomination paperwork.

Four current Board members will not be seeking reelection, which include Robert J. Giese, Thomas Kitchen, Lisette Aldrich, and Brian Kolstad.

It’s still early, but it appears a majority of the current board members will run unopposed next April. District 1, District 20 and District 22 all will feature multiple candidates running for District seats.

Current Fond du Lac City Council member Tiffany Brault has announced she will also run for the District 20 seat.

The Spring General Election is set for April 5, 2022 with a Primary date set for February 15 if needed.

The complete list is below:

District 1 –    Timothy  Bachleitner,  (nomination papers returned)

                     Martin F. Farrell

District 2 –    Gary A. Will

District 3 –    Karen Madigan

District 4 –    Michael J. Will (nomination papers returned)

District 5 –    Sarah A. Everson

District 6 –    Michael Beer

District 7 –    Sam Kaufman (nomination papers returned)

District 8 –    Bob Simon

District 9 –    Thomas E. Dornbrook

District 10 –  Ken Depperman (nomination papers returned)

District 11 –   Steve Abel

District 12 – Dennis N. Stenz

District 13 – John J. Rickert (nomination papers returned)

District 14 –  Robert J. Giese (filed noncandidacy)

                     Michael Conley (nomination papers returned)

District 15 –  Joseph M. Fenrick

District 16 –  Ann Price

District 17 –  Jay J. Myrechuck

District 18 –  Thomas Kitchen (filed noncandidacy)

                     Scott Rodman

District 19 –  John Zorn

District 20 –  Lisette Aldrich (filed noncandidacy)

                     Tiffany Brault

                     Gabriel Cadena

District 21 – Dean P. Will (nomination papers returned)

District 22 – Brian Kolstad (filed noncandidacy)

District 23 –  Martin S. Ryan (nomination papers returned)

District 24 – Mary B. Hayes

District 25 – Marilyn Hammond

                     Angela C. Luehring