Attempted Robbery Of Minit Mart

Fond du Lac Police are looking for a man who tried to steal money from a cash register at the Minit Mart at 171 North Main Street Wednesday night. Assistant Police Chief Steve Thiry says it really wasn’t a robbery. He there was no threat of force or display of a weapon. The man bought a box of aspirin and while the clerk was giving him his change he reached over the counter and tried to take some money. The clerk was quicker and slammed the register shut. The man took off on foot.The suspect was black, with a thin moustache and in his thirties or forties. As for what he was wearing. He was wearing a black baseball hat, plaid or checkered style button up shirt, black undershirt, blue jeans, and black shoes with white trim on the soles. Anyone with information should call the police non-emergency line at 906-5555 or the Crime Alert number at 322-3740.