Attorneys Say They Won’t Be Ready For October Trial Of Man Accused Of Killing 6 In Waukesha Parade

Attorneys representing Darrell (dah-RELL) Brooks, Junior, the man accused of killing six people and injuring dozens more at last year’s Waukesha Christmas parade, say they won’t be ready for an October trial date. Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow addressed that during a Tuesday hearing on a juror questionnaire

“And if I receive a motion and I grant the request for an adjournment, obviously resetting the trial would require us to alter some of the questions and the dates accordingly. But for now I’m going to keep everything as if we are proceeding in October.”

Defense attorneys said they can’t be ready by October 3rd given the volume of evidence they’ll have to review. Dorow gave them until Friday to file a motion to delay the trial. She’s scheduled a hearing for Monday and said she may also rule on a change of venue motion then as well.