Avery Attorney Tweets Out Investigation Details

Steven Avery’s attorney released a flurry of tweets on
Thursday – arguing there is evidence that Teresa Halbach was killed by someone
else, and that person planted Avery’s blood at the scene. 

Kathleen Zellner
never outright names her suspect – but points fingers at Brendan Dassey’s
brother, Bobby. Bobby was a star witness for the state during the trial,
claiming he saw Halbach arrive at the scene and walk toward the Avery trailer,
but never saw her leave the property. Zellner claims that testimony was false,
and that he cannot be ruled out. 

She claims that Halbach did, in fact, leave
the salvage yard – but the suspect followed her and got her to pull over before
attacking her. The Dasseys maintain that nobody in the family – including
Brendan – is responsible. 

Zellner is continuing to appeal Avery’s conviction –
and must deliver a brief to the appeals court by December 20th

Avery was sentenced to life in prison without parole – while Dassey will be
able to ask for parole in 2048. 

To see Zellner’s series of tweets, click here.