Baby Theresa Anniversary

It’s five years today that the body of a newborn girl was found in a garbage bag in some woods in the Town of Theresa. Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann says they are still trying to actively identify the child that has come to be known as Baby Theresa. The body was found on Lone Road less than a mile from State Highway 175 and less than three miles from Highway 41. Sheriff Ninmann says the state crime lab has identified a DNA profile believed to be that of the biological mother. A Jane Doe warrant for the crime of hiding a corpse allows them to search a national database of criminals to look for a match. The warrant alleviates any statute of limitation requirements and could give them the lead they need to close the case. Thanks to community donations Baby Theresa was buried in The Lowell Cemetery. Anyone with information on the case should contact Detective Vickie Brugger at 920-386-3715.