Ballweg And Thiesfeldt Comment On Foxconn Bill

State Representatives Jeremy Thiesfeldt and Joan Ballweg agree that incentives for Foxconn to build an LCD television plant in Wisconsin are a game changer for the state. When Thiesfeldt spoke on the floor before the Assembly passed the bill he talked about how incentives to keep Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac worked out very well for Fond du Lac County. He says the incentives for Foxconn could lead to a $10 billion investment by the Taiwanese electronics company and creation of up to 13,000 jobs. He says this is one of those industries we thought would never come back to this country and here it is right in Wisconsin. He says this is an opportunity he felt we couldn’t pass up. Ballweg feels the same and says the state isn’t really at risk because it is a pay-as-you-go incentive package. He says until they actually built things they don’t get any credits and until they actually employ people they don’t get any credits. The project will be the largest economic development in state history with an estimated $11 billion economic impact.