Ballweg And Thiesfeldt Vote For Foxconn Bill

State Representatives Jeremy Thiesfeldt and Joan Ballweg were among the 59 representatives in the State Assembly who voted in favor of a bill that creates incentives for Foxconn to build an LCD television plant in Wisconsin. The bill passed in the Assembly Thursday. Thiesfeldt says no one makes televisions in this country anymore and here is a plant coming to Wisconsin. He says it would be the largest capital investment by a foreign country in the U.S. But he says there are people concerned about the projections. Some of those projections include the $10 billion investment by Foxconn and the up to 13,000 jobs that would be created. As far as the risk for the state, Ballweg says like other capital projects the state has been involved with lately it will be on a pay for performance basis. She says they did the same thing for higher education and other areas of state government. In addition to Foxconn’s investment and the jobs created, the project would create a supply chain that will affect the entire state.