Bank Of Oakfield Now Bristol Morgan Bank

The Bank of Oakfield has changed its name to Bristol Morgan Bank. Bank President and CEO Ryan Kamphius says they have been working on the name change for some time and they feel it reflects the Bank’s commitment to delivering enhanced financial services for the communities it serves. It also is a reminder of the ties to the establishment of the Bank in 1901 with the name a combination of the names of the bank’s three founders. Kamphius says, “It was two Bristols and a Morgan those were the three founders of the bank so it is actually really nice that we are able to reflect back on the history of the organization and actually the history of Oakfield.” The name change went into effect Monday morning. He says, “The website has changed over, mobile banking, online banking. All of our signage has converted over so everything is done and it is business as usual here at the bank.” Kamphius says customers will be getting new debit and credit cards with the new name within the next few weeks. They are also excited about opening a branch office in Fond du Lac this July. Bristol Morgan Bank has offices in Oakfield, Brandon and Van Dyne. (Pictured Bristol Morgan Bank Facebook logo)