Baseball is Back; Owners and Players Reach New CBA

On the 99th day, MLB has ended the lockout. Spring Training will begin this Sunday March 13th with games on the 17th. The start of the season will start a week later than originally scheduled, but a full 162 will be played. All 8 player executives with a vote said “no” to the final proposal, but 26 of the 30 player representatives voted “yes”. Teams who voted against it were Cardinals, Yankees, Mets, and Astros.

New rules for 2022:

Playoffs will be expanded to 12 teams. 6 in each league.

The National League will adopt the designated hitter.

The Brewers will now open the season on the road against the Cubs on April 7. The previous two series verse the Giants and Diamondback will be made up as doubleheaders throughout the season. The first home game will be April 14 against the Cardinals.

Brewers baseball will return to KFIZ later this month.