Baseball Lease Offer Withdrawn


Fond du Lac School Board decided in closed session Monday night to withdraw its contract offer to Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc. for a proposed lease
of the Woodworth Baseball complex. The current leases expires a week from tomorrow. Following the meeting the board issued a copy of a statement
that was also being delivered to the attorney for Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc. It says, “By its words and actions, Baseball Inc. has communicated
its rejection of our lease offer. Therefore, the Board is merely withdrawing the offer effective immediately as a means of removing any ambiguity
over the legal status of the document.” It went on to say, “It became increasingly clear over the last year that the Board’s themes for modernization
and bringing the lease in line with that of other athletic groups connected with the District were not welcomed by Baseball Inc. In recent
weeks, social media and other commentary from Baseball Inc. leadership representatives created an irreparable situation. “Among them, the comments
made regarding Dr. Sebert were inappropriate. He represented the Board in good faith as part of the Board’s negotiation team along with our
attorney and
I.” said Board President Elizabeth Hayes.” The School Board has directed the Administration to engage the Recreation Department in discussions
with the leadership of

Fond du Lac Youth Baseball, a distinctly different organization, for the upcoming baseball season. The School Board says it is committed
to ensuring baseball continues to be a staple in the community and aspires to see even stronger programs and opportunities for
the youth of the community. The Board also says since the inception of the complex, District resources have been used and will
continue to be used with any new partners. The Board also thanked Fond du Lac Baseball Inc. for their efforts and work these past
30 years.