Bazooka Training Round – UPDATE

On April
12, 2016 at about 4:00 pm a local Fond
du Lac
citizen located what appeared to be a military
type rocket in his basement support beams.  He brought the military
ordinance in his vehicle down to the Fond du Lac Sheriff’s department parking
lot to request assistance in disposal of the item.  Upon further
investigation by the city of Fond du Lac Police Department it was deemed that
the item had markings identifying it as a WWII bazooka rocket.


The Brown
County Sheriff’s Department responded to assist due to the fact that it was
unknown if the rocket was inert or a live round.


The bomb
squad removed the rocket from the vehicle and was able to determine it was an inert
training round.  This was verified by disassembling the round on
scene.  They were able to secure the item and transported it back to Brown County
to be properly disposed.  During this incident the Fond du Lac Police set up a 2 block radius
perimeter for safety precautions prior to the arrival of the bomb squad.