BBB Warning of “Holiday Wine Gift Exchange” Posts on Social Media

The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin is warning of a so-called
“Holiday Wine Gift Exchange” that’s been popping up on social media – which turns
out to be a pyramid scheme.

Officials with the BBB say social media users may see a post
from someone asking people who drink wine to take part in a “gift exchange”
with strangers on Facebook. The posts asks you to buy a bottle of wine and send
it to another participant – and then share the invitation to the gift exchange
to your own social feed. In exchange, you’ll receive anywhere from six to 36
bottles of wine.

Experts say the trouble with this “gift exchange” is that
it relies on recruiting new people to keep the scam afloat. Once people stop participating,
the gift supply stops as well and leaves people without gifts they thought they
were getting.

To avoid falling victim to the scam – the BBB recommends
keeping a close eye on what you’re sharing on Facebook, and to report suspicious
posts. Officials also warn people to never give out your personal information
to strangers and to be weary of false claims.

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