Be Prepared for Winter Driving Conditions

As we begin to see snow hit the ground and stick more and more this season, the comments about people forgetting how to drive are starting to come out.
Every year, it seems winter weather catches drivers unprepared to handle the elements on the road. The DOT reports about five-thousand crashes happen in the state each year due to icy, snowy, or slushy roads.
Drivers should always have an emergency kit to keep in their vehicle, in the case your car ends up in a ditch or stranded during a blizzard. Those kits should have survival gear like flashlights, blankets, water bottles and snacks, first-aid kits, cellphone chargers, and a bag of sand or the like to help you gain traction. You should also have jumper cables and lug wrenches in the case of something going wrong with the vehicle itself.
The DOT also recommends just staying off the roads in bad winter weather to avoid run-ins with potential problems.