Be Respectful During Deer Hunting

Wisconsin’s nine-day gun-deer hunting season begins Saturday, and as the season begins, the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is asking hunters to be respectful of people’s property as they head out into the woods. Lieutenant Chris Dobyns with the Sheriff’s Office explains that there are many resources available for hunters to know where property lines are.   

“There’s plat maps out there, there’s these computer apps, there’s GIS to know property lines, to know GPS where you are on that property. There’s really no excuse for not knowing where you are or who’s property you are or aren’t on. So be respectful of that.”

Dobyns says if you do come across a situation where you need to go onto someone else’s property to ask proper permission from the landowner before going on to it. The gun-deer season runs November 21st through the 29th.