Beaver Dam Apartment Explosion Not Caused By Meth Lab

Police in Beaver Dam say an explosion at the Village Glen Apartments Monday afternoon that killed a man was not due to a meth lab.  Police are working with federal and state authorities to determine what the chemicals are in the apartment that led to an explosion. Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger says the chemicals are unstable and they were working out a plan on how to safely enter the apartment where the man died. He says, “That’s one of the things logistically we have to plan for is to figure out how we are going to get in there because we need to keep all those who go in there safe because of this unstable and sensitive chemical that any type of disruption could cause an explosion.” Kreuziger says initial results from the FBI indicate the man was working with explosive chemicals, but he didn’t confirm whether the man was making a bomb. It’s estimated 150 to 200 people from the 17 apartment buildings in the complex were evacuated. Marlene Olson lives in a unit next to the apartment where the explosion occurred. She was concerned about getting back in to take care of her cats. She says, “I’ve just been worried about my cats, you know because I didn’t take them because I thought they would let us back. And I didn’t take work clothes because I thought I could come back and go to work in the morning you know.” The majority of the residents in the apartment complex were allowed to return to their units Tuesday.