Beaver Dam Teen Pleads To Terrorism Threat Charge

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Graf, Beaver Dam, was sentenced Friday by Dodge County Judge Steven Bauer for his role in threatening a school shooting, which resulted in classes at all Beaver Dam schools being cancelled on May 9th. The judge placed him on a deferred prosecution agreement for making a terrorist threat and sentenced him to a year of probation on charge of unlawful use of a computerized communication system.  Graf and 2 juveniles sent a Beaver Dam High School Assistant Principal an email that said in part, “I plan to enter the proximity of your board of education tomorrow with hatred within my grasp.  With a pistol in one hand, and the button that shall set off several explosive materials in the other…. I hate all of you…Don’t try and stop me, there’s no way to find out who I am.  I advise you to be prepared tomorrow.  I’ll be executing my plan during the 4th period.  So long and goodnight.” The threat was a hoax The juvenile cases are being handled in Wisconsin and Nevada juvenile court systems.