Behnke Apologizes For Outburst

89th District Republican Assemblyman Elijah Behnke is speaking out after a video of him saying that Republicans “should cheat like Democrats” to win future elections was released last week.

The Oconto Republican told WTAQ he regrets his choice of words.

“I’ve learned the hard way, but my base is with me and they didn’t elect a smooth-talking politician. They wanted someone who would stand up for them and their values.”

Behnke says he doesn’t suggest breaking the law. He was also seen on the secretly recorded video saying he wanted to “punch” Governor Tony Evers. He said that came from a place of anger.

“Who is he to just call any hardworking Wisconsinite non-essential and the people of the 89th district agree.”

He did say he doesn’t condone violence and wouldn’t commit it. Behnke also says he believes the leak came from someone in his own party.