Berit Beck Photos Shared During Brantner Sentencing

During the sentencing for Dennis Brantner in Fond du Lac County court Thursday six members of Berit Beck’s family spoke on her behalf.  While they spoke District Attorney Eric Toney projected family photos of Berit on a screen so the judge and people in the courtroom could see the young woman who was being talked about. She was murdered in Fond du Lac in the summer of 1990. She was 18-years-old. KFIZ News asked Toney if we could get copies of those photos so we could share them with you. Brantner was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a second degree reckless homicide charge.

She graduated from high school in June of 1990 and was killed the following month.

Family said she was musically talented and felt that would take her somewhere. 

She played the piano, violin and flute.