Better Season For Rolling Meadows Golf Course

Better weather helped turn around the fortunes of the
Rolling Meadows Golf Course this past season. County supervisors Tuesday night
approved fees for the Golf Course for 2016. While they were doing that
Supervisor Dean Will asked Golf Course Manager David Brandenburg if he could
give an update on how the course made out financially. The past few seasons the
course finished in the red, but Brandenburg says good weather in the spring
helped them finish ahead of last year. He says by the end of last month they had
finished up about $108,000 better than in 2014. 
He says they go by golf playable days and they finished
about 6 days better than the 10 year average and 13 days ahead of 2014. He says
spring drives your business and if people have a good time then they keep
playing all summer. 
Brandenburg says they also had more
specials and expanded their email data base by 20,000 customers, which also may
have helped.