Better Water Clarity For Sturgeon Season

This came from the Wisconsin DNR….

Two of our fine DNR Fisheries Technicians were out checking water clarity today, and as we expected, conditions have improved since our last readings on January 9.  The specific results are shown below, but there appears to be 14-16 feet of visibility throughout most of Lake Winnebago.  These conditions should bode for a successful sturgeon spearing season that will get underway on Saturday.  These are the best spearing conditions we’ve had in a number of seasons, so get out there and take advantage.
Landing         Miles off shore         Water Depth             Water Clarity
Stockbridge             1                       20’                     14’
Stockbridge             2                       19.5’                   15.5’
Fisherman’s Rd      3                       16’                     15’
Wendts                   1.5                     8’                      8’
Wendts                   3.5                     15’                     14’
Oshkosh                  1                       16’                     15.5’
Oshkosh                  2                       17’                     15’                    
Paynes Point                                    18’                     16

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