Beware Of “Storm Chasers” Says DATCP

Wisconsin’s Severe Weather Awareness Week may be in the books for another year, but state consumer protection officials are still working to make people aware of so-called “Storm Chasers” – or traveling contractors that come into town following a storm or natural disaster, offering quick repairs to your property.  

Michelle Reinen (rye-nin) with the Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection says it’s important to be cautious of anyone who is asking for a cash payment up front before any work is completed.  

“What we certainly see are those individuals who require that cash payment but then don’t show up to do the job, or they offer some magnificent warranty but because they are traveling through town just trying to take advantage of individuals, they’re not there to follow-up on inferior work or or when something falls apart and you need to kick in that warranty.” 

Reinen says now is a good time to do your research and come up with a list of reputable contractors you can reach out to in the event of a storm damaging your home. More information can be found at