Bill Raising Sales Age for Tobacco, E-Cigarette Products to 21 Moves Forward

lawmakers are moving ahead with a bill that would limit the sale of vaping and
other tobacco products to people over the age of 21. The Assembly’s committee
on substance abuse and prevention held a hearing on the proposal on Wednesday.


measure would increase the minimum age for buying products containing nicotine
and tobacco from 18 to 21, and would prohibit anyone from selling or providing
vaping materials, such as vape pens, to anyone under 21. Supporters of the bill
say it would help slow the growth in popularity of e-cigarettes among young
people. Use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices by high schoolers is increasing,
despite concerns about damage the chemicals in those devices may cause to the
heart and lungs.


The bill
would need to pass the senate and assembly and be signed by Governor Tony Evers
before becoming law.