Bill Turner Hoping To Be Returned To FDL City Council

Bill Turner is hoping Fond du Lac residents will return him to the City Council this Tuesday. Turner served on the Council from 1996 to 2002. He says he’s retired now and willing to give back to the community by once again serving on the Council. Recently he’s attended Council meetings where the replacement of lead pipe water services was discussed. He successfully urged them to allow residents to take up to 10 years to pay for the replacement of those pipes. He says the majority of the 4,500 homes that need pipes replaced affect people who are on fixed incomes. Turner says exploratory committees for Lakeside Park and the Downtown were good ideas. But he doesn’t like the idea of building a new pavilion in the park. He says it would compete for business with clubs and businesses. As for the Downtown, he would like to see business owners develop more housing on their second and third floors. Turner says he doesn’t mind seeing property taxes increased if it’s fiscally responsible, but was quite surprised by the City’s more than four percent increase in December.