Birth 2 Three Program In FDL County Back To Making To Visits In Home

The coronavirus pandemic
has created challenges in just about every walk of life, including the Birth to
3 Program in Fond du Lac
. And while the
past three months have been interesting, Program Coordinator Becky Hoffman says
its been nice getting back to somewhat normal. 

“We had to go virtual, just like just about everyone else. But since June 1, we’ve been slowly getting back to making home visits, which is nice.” Hoffman says many county
residents have heard about the Birth to 3 Program, but they probably don’t know
how many services they provide. “Our team of professionals include Licensed Early Childhook Special Educators, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists” Hoffman said. 

To find our more information, contact the Birth To 3 Program in FDL County by calling 920.929.3919, or at