Bishop To Step Down As FDL County GOP Chair

Saying he wants to focus more time on becoming the next Mayor of Waupun, Rohn Bishop has told KFIZ News he will be stepping down as Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County.

Bishop says he doesn’t have a definite date, but would like for the transition to take place sometime yet this summer. “I did notify the Executive Committee that I’d like to step down, that my Rohn #4 Waupun is getting momentum and my timeline has moved up on that.”

Bishop has been involved for 11 years, as treasurer for six years and now fifth year as chairman. He says it’s a good time to step down, as he wanted to get the Republican to another state convention, and now through the parade season. Someone stepping in can decide to do the Fall event.

Bishop also says whomever takes over, will walk into a good situation financially too, with a positive balance in the checking account. “The next big event will be the caucus in February and the Lincoln event in spring. And we have office space secured for the time being, so I’m hopeful the new person will not need to take personal vacation time to look for office space to rent like I had to do.”

Bishop says there’s a great deal to focus on within the City of Waupun, should he be voted in as mayor. “I don’t agree with some of the recent decisions in how we market Waupun. There’s nothing “Waupun” about our logo. I want to go back to the city of Sculptures. I’m proud of Waupun.”

He also says repairs and renovations need to be made at City Hall. “It’s not going to be cheap but the people of Waupun want to preserve that building.”

Bishop also says the Police and Fire Departments need assistance. “We’re supposed to be at 18 officers and we’re sitting at 15. And our Fire Department, we have 30 volunteer fire fighters but fire calls are sky rocketings and fewer and fewer businesses can allow people to run out on their jobs 2-3 times per week.”

Bishop says he thinks the decisions need to be made, they won’t be popular, and that it may require a public safety referendum. “I’m willing to take the heat and do that because I just think it’s important for Waupun because we can’t afford to fall behind.”

Current Waupun Mayor Julie Nickel has been the mayor since 2011 and did state in the last election that this term would be her last, but it’s also public knowledge that Nickel is not a fan of Bishop, and while there are rumors swirling that Nickel may decide to run again, Bishop says “I don’t think the rumors are true, but I’ve made up my mind and I’m out campaign and fund raising and I’m going to be all in.”

Bishop says the official campaign kick off is set for December 4 and he hopes to have all signatures secured shortly after and then be on the ballot by December 8, 2021.