BMX Skate Park Praise

Fond du Lac City Council members recently got some praise on their recent action to open up the skateboard park at Adelaide Park to BMX bike enthusiasts. Christina Umbreit went before the Council last week and said it has been a very positive experience for her family. She says her son had been using Midwest Skate Park in Waucousta, which is closed for the summer at the very least. She says that’s a 25 to 30 mile ride when Adelaide Park is something BMX bikers in the City can ride to on their bikes.  Her 12-year-old son Logan also thanked the Council. She says the different user groups at the park seem to be getting along. The Council agreed to allow a trial period at the park this summer to see if skateboarders and BMX bikers could co-exist at the park. There had been some conflicts in the past.