Board Of Education Selects Two To Fill Vacancies

The Fond du Lac School District Board of Education selected Brittany Hoerth and Todd Schreiter to fill the vacant Board member positions.

The vacancies were created when Mark Strand and Nick Teifke resigned from the Board in late August 2021. The Board of Education sought letters of interest from individuals in the community willing to accept
an appointment to the Board as a result of the resignations.

Eleven community members submitted letters of interest for the vacancy: Brittany Hoerth, Todd Schreiter, Tiffany Brault, Lawrence Foster, Antonio Godfrey, Sr., Maria Kretschmann, Jennifer Lucas, Jon Mueller, Aaron Quast, Andrea Schultz and Timothy Weddle.

The Board interviewed the interested candidates and made the appointments during a special meeting on September 21, 2021.
Hoerth and Schreiter were selected by the Board for appointment to the open seats. Their appointment begins on September 27, 2021.

By law, the remainder of these vacancies will then be filled at the next General Election in April 2022.