Board Votes Down Allowing Dogs In FDL Parks

The Fond du Lac Advisory Park Board voted 4 to 3 Monday night against recommending to the City Council changing a city ordinance to allow dogs in City parks. About a half dozen people spoke on both sides of the issue and Public Works Director Jordan Skiff told the board a survey on the issue also had mixed results.  City Council member Catherine Block sits on the board and proposed the change to allow dogs in parks, but with restrictions. The board’s vote will be reported at the July 13th Council meeting. Block says the Council has two options on the issue. She says they could vote on it or postpone the vote pending further discussion by the board. She says the option of not voting on it gives them more time to discuss the issue. She says given the close vote by the board she would like to see it sent back there for more discussion. 

KFIZ Facebook video.