Boat Catches Fire Outside Recycling Center

Fond du
Fire-Rescue responded to a reported boat on fire in the 200
Block of Morris Ct on Monday morning.  Upon arrival fire crews encountered
heavy smoke and flames coming from a boat which was on a trailer away from the
building. The fire was extinguished without causing damage to any nearby
structures.  The fire is being investigated by police and fire
investigators.  Fire crews were hampered in securing water from a nearby
fire hydrant located in the cul-de-sac due to a vehicle which parked in front
of the hydrant. “ Motorists who park in front of fire hydrants probably never
think today will be the day we will need to use it, said Fire Chief Peter
O’Leary. Thankfully we were able to work around it this time, but hopefully the
citation left for the driver by the police will keep them alert to fire
hydrants in the future.”

(photo via fdlfire twitter account)