Bob And Bonnie’s Changes Hands

After making more than 1.5 million donuts Bob and Bonnie Badura have sold their donut and cake making operation in Fond du Lac. They started out as Donutland franchise owners in 1978 and started their own donut making operation “Bob and Bonnie’s” in 1993. Bonnie says they are mostly a wholesaler that supplies donuts throughout the area. They deliver to an area that covers almost 300 miles every night from south to Eden to Abrams, Denmark and Green Bay in the north. They added the cakes about 10 years ago. Bonnie says they decided to retire after 35 years in the business and have sold their operation to Dan and Jessica Fishelson, but nothing will change. She says the Thursday morning donut sale to the public will remain the same. Dan Fishelson is a native of Fond du Lac who has munched on some of those donuts and cakes over the years. He says they’ve been entrusted with a legacy that they want to build on. He says he and his wife would like to use their marketing experience to grow the business into larger territories and diversify it into other items. He says they will keep all 13 employees on and he and Jessica will be owners and operators. The ownership change became effective December 1st.

Picture new Bob and Bonnie’s owners Dan and Jessica Fishelson.