Bob Haase Another Can Of Worms

Who Is Ben Carson?

If you were to look at all the people that announced their candidacy for President we would probably recognize most of them.  One person you may not recognize is Ben Carson.  I probably would not recognize the name if it were not for our daughter.  Working at Children’s hospital in Detroit she had the opportunity to meet him and was talking about what a great person he was long before he announced his candidacy for President. 

When he announced his candidacy I decided to find out more about him by reading one of the five books he wrote entitled “American the Beautiful”.   By reading this book I not only found out more about him…. I found out why our daughter was so impressed with him.  Even if you are not interested in him as a candidate for president I would highly recommend that you read this book.  The reason I say this is that I learned a lot about America, our form of government, and other things that I have never seen explained the way he does.  He has a way of explaining things that helps you understand and also makes you think. 

I think he is more in touch with the people than anyone else I have seen run for President in a long time.  He tells it the way it is and is not concerned about being politically correct.  Ben Carson rose from inner-city poverty to become one of the top Neurosurgeons in America.  Now retired, he was a professor of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Oncology, and Pediatrics at John Hopkins Medical Institutions.  You would not expect someone with his stature to be so much in touch with the people of our country and able to explain so clearly how our government was formed and the problems we are facing today.

I don’t know if he will be one of the top candidates or not because most people have never heard of him and he may not have the money and connections it takes to become president.  Today it is not who is best qualified as much as who you know and the connections with money you know.  My mind is usually made up a few minutes before I go in to the voting booth and I will research the candidates up to that point in time.  I do know that if I was voting today he would have my vote.   Even if you are not interested in Ben Carson for President do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of “American the Beautiful” by Ben Carson and read it.  I think you will be surprised and happy you did.  I am not asking you to vote for Ben Carson… that is something we will all have to decide for ourselves when it comes time to vote.  I am asking you to read his book “America the Beautiful” because I think you will learn a lot and be happy you did. 

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