Bob Haase’s Another Can of Worms

Now That the Election is Over

Now that the election is over a number of thing are going to happen besides not hearing all the negative campaign adds.  For most of us we are either happy or upset about the outcomes and think that there is nothing more we can do until the next elections.

During the next couple years we should be paying attention to the candidates that got elected to see if they are really doing what they said they would.  How are they going to be voting on thing that we are concerned about.  They know that most people will never take the time to follow what they are doing so they will do whatever they want… not what the people want. 

Their party will tell them how to vote and they will probably vote along party lines regardless of how their constituents feel about it.  They probably won’t work together for the betterment of our country and the people because they don’t want to do anything that might make the other party look good.  In other words it will be politics as usual now that the election is over.

For those that have computers connected to the internet it is easy to find out how our representatives are voting, but very few people will take the time to check.  They will spend more time playing video games because it is a lot more fun.  We might be upset about the outcome of the elections but we will not be upset enough to monitor how our representatives are voting.  Many people feel that the elections and the outcome of the elections will determine the direction our country will take over the next few years, but what we do during  the next few years will have an even greater impact.

Regardless of all the campaign promises, nothing will change unless we get more involved and pay closer attention to the things that happen now that the election is over.  You have more power than you think because you are the only person that can change things.  Don’t let the Democratic or Republican party tell your representative how to vote…. that is your job.  If you don’t like the way they are voting, or not working together on things that make sense for our country, let them know about it.  By doing this they might realize you care and are watching them and they might have to start listening to you… the person that helped elect them.  I am naive enough to believe that each individual can make a difference if they want to and try hard enough.  If you think I am wrong, ask yourself if you ever seen a football team win the super bowl if they didn’t think they could do it.   

Bob Haase is the host of  “Outdoors Thursday” heard Thursday mornings at 9:10 a.m. on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.