Bob Haase’s Another Can Of Worms

Football and the Game of Life

I think many of us that watched the game between the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys gave up at halftime thinking that there is no way the Packers are going to win this one.  We gave up but the Packers didn’t.  They went on to score five touchdowns in five possessions to win the game by one point.  How many people watching the game between Detroit and the Baltimore Ravens thought that Justin Tucker would kick a 61 yard field goal to put Baltimore ahead and win the game?  Kicker Justin Tucker had faith that he could do it and the team also believed that he could do it. 

How many people watching those games saw any relationship between football and the way we live our lives?  Most people saw the games and were entertained, but there is also a lot that we can learn from games like football that we can apply to the way we live our lives.  There are a lot of similarities to the game of football and the game of life. 

In watching those games I think we learned that we should never give up.  We all have goals in life that we would like to achieve, but many of us give up and those goals and dreams are never achieved. What are your goals and dreams in life and are you still working on achieving them or have you given up?  

Winning in the game of football takes a lot of planning and preparation and it is difficult to win games if you don’t do the proper planning and preparation.  Sometimes when watching a game it becomes obvious that one team seemed to be more prepared than the other and it is difficult to win if you aren’t prepared.  The same is true for the game of life.  The more planning and preparation we do in our lives the better our chances of achieving our goals and our dreams. 

Football is only one example of how we can learn from the things we see and do.  There are even a lot of things to be learned from hunting and fishing and they are similar to the things we can learn watching football.  Most successful fishermen have a positive attitude toward catching fish.  They also take the time to read and learn new skills and techniques and put the time in on the water to perfect those skills.  If you want to catch more and bigger fish, you never give up trying! 

My wife might think that this is just an excuse for me to do more hunting and fishing, but I still have some goals and dreams to achieve. If you want things bad enough never stop trying and never stop learning even if it requires watching more football and spending more time hunting and fishing.

Bob Haase is the host of “Outdoors Thursday” heard Thursday mornings at 9:10 a.m. on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.