Bob Haase’s Another Can of Worms

Finding The Good Things In Life

While paying our property taxes a few weeks ago I thought back to my dad and what he used to say this time of year.  He must of have been an optimist because he commented that “this was the best time of the year…. cold weather and taxes”.  I think he would have liked this year because it is one of the coldest on record!

I know a few people that always find things to complain about. They seem to find fault with everything.  No matter where we eat the food is either over cooked, under cooked, too salty, or it has no taste.  Maybe they go through life complaining about everything because they can only see the  bad and not the good.  I am sure that most people know someone like this. It is easy to find the bad because that is what we normally see and hear in the news.

I think the people that travel and see other cities, states, and countries seem to have a more positive outlook on life.  The reason for this is they see many others a whole lot worse off than they are and maybe appreciate what they have.   Life isn’t always greener on the other side of the road.  Sometimes it might seem better until you get all the facts and realize all the problems they are having. 

Sometimes life is what you make it.  If you are constantly finding fault, you are probably not as happy as you could be.  It has been said that money can’t buy happiness and I believe this to be true.  Some people also think that they can buy friends, but true friendship can never be bought.  True friendship is something that happens over time and the most valuable asset anyone has is their friends, not their wealth.

Another thing you can’t buy is your health.  I realize that being able to afford and pay for quality health care increases your chances of having good health, but you can’t buy a cure for cancer, or other major health problems. There are also things we can do to improve our chances of good health such as not smoking and eating properly, but even this does not guarantee good health.

I often write about things that are bad or wrong, but I also try to write about some of the things that are good.  The people that live their lives with their glass half empty are usually never as happy as the people that live their lives with their glass half full.  The next time you find yourself complaining about something stop and try to think about something good.  As an example, living here in Wisconsin I can walk on water and go ice fishing, and I can’t do that in Florida.  See… this cold and snowy winter isn’t that bad after all!

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