Bob Haase’s Another Can Of Worms

Card Services

Has anyone received a call from “Card Services” telling you that they can reduce your interest rate on your loans?  We are on the “No Call List” for Wisconsin and Federal.  With them and many others it does not make any difference.  If you hit “1” for more information they will not tell you the telephone number from which they are calling which is not surprising.  One person told me that they had call blocking so they can call you whenever they want and there is nothing that I or the government can do about it.

It seems funny to me that we can put a man on the moon but we can’t do anything to stop telemarketers from calling us regardless if we are on the “No Call List”.  The truth is that our government does not care!  I believe out government could stop or reduce these unwanted calls if they wanted to.  If they do not have the intelligence capabilities to track down these type of calls we are in deep trouble concerning our national security.  They seem to want to monitor the calls we make, the internet sites we visit, and how and where we spend our money but they don’t care about the unwanted phone calls we receive from unscrupulous telemarketers.

There are times that we receive as many as 15 calls a month from “Card Services”.  It may be different if we had any debt, but we never carry a balance on any or our cards so how are they going to reduce our interest rate on loans we don’t have.  Many people I talk to say they also receive numerous calls from “Card Services” and are just as upset as I am about it.

We live in a time that businesses can be fraudulent in their business practices,  provide false or misleading information in their advertising, and cheat people out of their hard earned money, but our government doesn’t care.   Maybe we should care as little about re-electing our representatives as they do about protecting us from fraudulent business practices.   If everyone that received a call from “Card Services” would call their representatives and complain about it they might be more concerned. At least we would find out if they cared!

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