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What Does “Illegal” Mean?

The Associated Press recently revised its stylebook and banned the use of the term “illegal immigrant”.  They did this because the term illegal immigrant might be offensive to some people and make them feel bad.  Michael Oreskes from AP, said that it is incorrect to describe a person as illegal, even if they committed an illegal act.  It is ok to say illegal immigration, but not illegal immigrant.  This must mean that if I go 85 mph or highway 41, I am not illegal, just my actions.

I wonder if I could get by with having the officer that stops me give the ticket to my actions rather than me?


The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act defines an immigrant as someone who has been lawfully admitted into the country.  My wife’s father came to the United States when he was 21 years old with the proper documentation and performed all the requirements needed to become a citizen.  He was proud to be an American and he did not call himself a German-American, he called himself an American.  Today people want to come to the United States with or without the proper documentation, live here, take advantage of all the benefits we enjoy and do so without going through the requirements needed to live here legally.


Our legislators are debating what to do with all the people that are here in this country illegally.  They have been wrestling with this for a long time and can’t figure out what to do.  When someone is in the United States and they are not here legally, then they must be here illegally. To me that makes them an illegal immigrant and there is a simple way to correct it. They can go through the same requirements that our ancestors did when they came to this country. They can do it legally or be forced to leave. If they go through the proper steps to become a citizen, they will no longer be called an illegal immigrant…. they will be called a citizen. 


When they become a citizen, they will have all the rights and responsibilities we do.  That includes working, paying taxes, and helping to support our country.  My father always told me that if something wasn’t worth working for it probably wasn’t worth having.  I think it would be wrong to just accept anyone here illegally by providing amnesty and not requiring them to perform the needed steps to become a citizen.


Again…. if the term illegal immigrant makes them feel bad, there is something they can do about it.  Work toward becoming an American citizen!


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