Bob Haase’s Another Can of Worms

Affordable Care Act

I must be crazy because I downloaded and read a lot of the Affordable Care Act which is commonly known as ObamaCare and found it very complicated and confusing. It creates an even larger bureaucracy with the potential of more fraud and abuse than we have now.  I can still remember Nancy Pelosi making the statement that we need to approve the ObamaCare bill so we can find out what’s in it.  I think the wise thing to do is to know what you are approving before you approve it.  It also does very little to control the cost of health care.  The United States currently pays more for health care than any other country and yet ranks way below many other countries in the quality of care.

Having said all that you must think I am against the Affordable Care Act.  I believe that there are a lot of good things included in the Affordable Care Act that are long overdue. It is however very unfortunate that we have a congress that acts like a bunch of little kids and are more concerned about their party than the people that elected them. Based on this they must be more concerned with the health of their party than the health and care of the people that elected them.

If the parties had worked together we might have ended up with a plan that both parties could be proud of and was in the best interest of the people.  Neither party wants to approve anything that would make the other party look good even if it was in the best interest of the people.  They would rather shut down our government than work together.  Both parties are equally at fault.

We need a health care plan that would provide insurance coverage for those that have pre-existing conditions that now prevent many people from getting affordable insurance. We need affordable catastrophic insurance coverage for those that have extremely large medical bills that no family could afford to pay.  We need to have a system where doctors and patients work together to make decision concerning the best patient care and not the insurance companies.  I think most people would agree that our current system needs changing but we will never end up with a good health care system in our country if our elected representatives don’t work together to achieve this.  If our current elected representatives are not capable of doing this, we need to replace them and elect someone who cares.

It does not seem like nothing will change until we change the people that are representing us now.  Congress now has around a ten percent approval rating.   Most employees with a job review that bad would be fired.  If we want an affordable health care plan I think we need to elect new representatives that care more about the people than their party and start working together.

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