Bob Haases Another Can Of Worms

Capture Wisconsin Website

I have been involved in photography most of my life doing everything from wedding photography to publication photography.   Since retirement I have been able to concentrate on the type of photography that I like best and that is nature and wildlife photography.  I started posting my work on which is a websites where photographers from all over the world post their work and communicate with each other. 

You may remember a magazine called “Wisconsin Tales and Trails” that stopped publication a few years ago.  I believe it was the editors of this magazine that started a website called Capture Wisconsin, or at least they were involved with it. The website ( has over 1,000 Wisconsin photographers submitting photographs taken only in Wisconsin.  I started submitting my pictures on this site a couple months ago.  You can go directly to my page on this site at:

The reason I am writing about this is that there is some fabulous photography on this site about all the beautiful places in Wisconsin.  It is not just nature and wildlife photography but many different categories including Landmarks, Landscapes, Farming, Cityscapes, Abstract, Flowers, etc.  There is information with each image such as the closest town or city where the picture was taken. 

I have started writing down the names of the places that interest me and my wife and the closest location.  My wife and I plan to take a series of day trips or overnighters to see many of these beautiful places that include waterfalls, nature centers, old mills, and other historic landmarks.  I have lived in Wisconsin since I was five years old and never knew about many of these beautiful places before seeing them on Capture Wisconsin.   Maybe you might want to take the time to browse this website and make plans to do the same thing.  It could be a nice activity or mini vacation for you and your family, especially with lower gas prices.

Many nursing homes and care facilities have computers available for their residents to use.  If they were aware of this website, the residents might enjoy looking at all the beautiful places in Wisconsin, including places where they might have grown up or lived.  If you know someone that is a resident in one of these care facilities you might want to talk the staff  there to see if they could post the location of the website and help them locate it.  Maybe public libraries and places like the Senior Center would be interested in knowing about this website.  As a photographer I was not aware of it until a couple months ago, so I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t know about it.

Wisconsin truly is a beautiful State and there are so many beautiful places to visit that most of us don’t even know exists.  Have you heard of Pewitt Nest, Baxter’s Hollow, Hydes Mill, Heckrodt Wetland Preserve, Lion’s Den Gorge, and the hundreds of other place like this?  Check out Capture Wisconsin and I’m sure you will see a few places you will want to visit this summer.  

Bob Haase is the host of “Outdoors Thursday” heard Thursday mornings at 9:10 a.m. on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.