Body Cameras Working Out Well For Dodge County Sheriff’s Department

Dodge County Sheriff’s deputies, detectives and officers are all wearing body cameras now. Sheriff Dale Schmidt wears one himself. He says, “I wanted them available not because of pressure from groups out there that are saying it is about accountability. That is not what this is about.  I see it as a good tool for evidence purposes.” It also supplements the video from their car camera systems. The body cameras can be activated by a button on the body cam, another in the squad car or whenever the squad’s emergency lights are used. As for accountability the body cameras have already settled a few complaints about deputy behavior. He says, “I had received a couple of complaints about deputies, which I’ve been able to go back and look and the complaints I’ve been able to look at uphold what the deputy did. In fact when I tell those individuals hey listen I’ve got this video and this is what it actually shows, usually they withdraw the complaint.” Schmidt says all in all the body cameras have been very good for the department.