Bomb Threats Made To UW-O Campuses

Oshkosh Campus PD and Fond du Lac Police Departments continue to investigate 10 different calls that came from five different states, making bomb threats “on campus”, but not specifically mentioning which campus. The calls started coming into the main UW-Oshkosh campus phone center, between 10:30 p.m and 10:41 p.m., showing out of state numbers from an unknown caller, using what authorities say was a voice distortion mechanism. 

The caller stated they had placed 3 nail bombs on the campus. Inspections were done at all three campuses and nothing unusual or suspicious was found, but extra patrol has been requested at the campuses. “Anytime we receive calls like this, we have to treat it seriously,” said Capt. Chris Tarmann of the UWO Police Department. “We brought in our bomb dog to check our campus buildings and worked with Fond du Lac and Menasha police departments to check our campuses in those communities.”

The matter remains under investigation.  Police do not have any suspects or possible motive behind the threats as of Friday morning.