Borgen Talks Promotion to Jail Administrator

The start of 2019 has meant a lot of change for the Fond du
Lac County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt is now in charge after
Mick Fink retired and promotions have been made to fill roles throughout the organization.
One of those promotions is a change in leadership for the jail, as Lieutenant
Jim Borgen was promoted to Captain/Jail Administrator after Kevin Galske became
Chief Deputy. Borgen was the assistant jail administrator under Galske, and
says his predecessor has done a great job preparing him to take over the role. “He’s
just laid a good foundation for me to learn on, where he’s prepared me for this
next step,” Galske said. “It is nice to have him still in the building so if
there’s something that arises I can call him up and ask a question, and he’s
always been more than happy to help me out” he added.

Borgen is in his 17th year with the sheriff’s
office. He began his career in 2002 as a correctional deputy, and has also
served as a patrol deputy, sergeant and lieutenant. He says 17 year’s ago he
had no idea he would one day be in charge of the jail. “When I first got hired,
I told myself I want to be the best correctional officer that I could be,”
Borgen said. “Each step I took, I worked hard at it. I always said just give it
your all every day and do your best, that’s all you can do” he added.