Brain Matters Exhibit Debuts At Childrens Museum Of FDL

The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac held a ribbon-cutting Tuesday for a new exhibit they hope will encourage the healthy development of children’s brains. It’s called Brain Matters and is a 14 by 16 foot tall, 12 foot long giant brain that lights up. Kids are asked questions and if they get the right answers scarves circulate up into the brain and are released high above falling gently into the hands of waiting children. Museum Executive Director Andrea Welsch says they got a lot of ideas, but one mentioned in particular by Agnesian HealthCare Foundation President Holly Brenner inspired the idea for the giant brain. Brenner tells her children when they go to bed at night that it showers their brain and from that they got the idea about the scarves.  Agnesian HealthCare is sponsoring the exhibit. Agnesian President Steve Little says what they try to do to improve the community begins with kids. Welsch calls it is a leading-edge exhibit. It’s also an effort to give children’s brains proper stimulation.  

Museum Executive Director Andrea Welsch addresses a class brought in for the exhibit. 

It is a big exhibit.