Braun Tapped as New Fond du Lac Area Foundation Executive Director

After serving the Fond du Lac Area Foundation for more than 25 years, Executive Director Sandi Roehrig is stepping down to a part-time role. Joseph Braun, the current Director of Finance and Development, has been chosen to replace her. 

Braun says he’s looking forward to continuing to build the foundation, and he’s happy to have help finding the right direction. He tells us “it’s an exciting thing, I’ll be able to leave my own mark and create my identity there. But losing fifty years of experience, there’s going to be a big learning curve. So it’s exciting, but having Sandy there part time to assist me in the transition is another huge bonus for me to have”. 

The transition will officially take place in June. Roehrig says she’s taking the smaller role as she prepares for retirement – and it helps her spend more time helping take care of her grandkids.