Breast Cancer Donation


The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation recently accepted a $2,750 donation to support its Breast Cancer Fund thanks to money raised during a fun run and obstacle course by TNT Adventure.

The October event featured the obstacle course event, a bike raffle (donated by Attitude Sports), kettle bell swinging marathon and tips collected at Cuyak’s Wine Market & Wine Bar throughout October as part of Breast Health Awareness Month.

The donation was recently given to the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, including (left to right) Derek Toshner, owner, TNT Fitness; Kay Groeschl, RN, and Stephanie Ditter, RN, breast health coordinators; Melissa Schmidt, TNT Adventure Obstacle Course; Sara Cuyak, Cuyak’s Wine Market & Wine Bar; Lisa Michels, APNP; and Dave Haase, Attitude Sports.