Brian Foster Serves On His Last FDL City Council Meeting

One of the last pieces of business for the Fond du
Lac City Council at Wednesday night’s meeting was to say goodbye to one of its
members. Brian Foster is moving out of town and his time as Warden at Green Bay
Correctional is taking up more of his time. City Council President Lee Ann
Lorrigan awarded him with a key to the City. She told him his time on the
Council was much appreciated. She says he had a lot of positive input on the Council
because of his experience in serving as a Mayor with another City and on that
City Council. 
Foster said he enjoyed his time on the Council.(Foster said it was easy working with the Council and City staff because
everyone is dedicated to what they do and he appreciated it as a City Council
member and resident of the City. 
The Council will decide how to replace Foster once
they finish with the 2016 City budget.