Bristol-Morgan Bank Grand Opening in Fond du Lac

Bristol Morgan Bank is set to host their grand opening in Fond du Lac today. The former Bank of Oakfield changed their name once they began to expand outside of the village. Branch Manager Mike King says the new location on South Pioneer Road is a modern facility with great technology. 

He says “if I didn’t work at a bank, I’d probably never be at a bank. I can do everything on my phone, I can do it online – and with that said – our ATM is an easy-deposit ATM. Meaning that when you go to that ATM, you can make deposits of cash or checks directly into the ATM without using an envelope and it goes into your account that day.”

Other technology placed in the new bank isn’t brand new to the industry, but King says it improves the efficiency. King explains that “the teller cash recyclers have been around for a while. The previous
generation were just cash dispensers that just dispensed cash out to tellers
and customers. The recyclers have the ability to accept cash and then recycle
that cash back for the next customer. So the technology has been there for a
while – the research and development has been there for a while, it’s really
just implementing it into the branch structure now.”

The new facility is already being used, as King point out that “we’ve been working out there probably for the past three weeks. We
wanted to do a soft opening because we wanted to work out all of the kinks and
the bugs out of it, and then once everything was up and running do the grand
opening. And when you come to the inside, you’ll see it. It’s a very modern
look to it. It’s not that traditional squared off teller line separating you
from the employees”

The building is located on the footprint of the former Convention and Visitors Bureau. The grand opening event runs from noon until 5:00pm.