Broadband Expansion Project In Rural FDL County Complete

Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel says Bug Tussel Wireless has provided a nice service for the County putting up ten towers to improve wireless broadband service for internet users in rural parts of the County.  Fond du Lac and Adams County sponsored a $5.8 million Midwest Disaster Area Recovery Bond for the project. Buechel says the County is actually earning some revenue now through the agreement with Bug Tussel. He says the County is making about $42,000 a year leasing tower space to Bug Tussel on three towers the County already had. Steven Schneider the President and CEO of Hilbert Communications, Bug Tussel’s parent company, told the County Board this week that the towers will provide LTE 4G service and are ready for the next generation of service. Schneider says by the end of the month they will have 500 customers in Fond du Lac County. A ribbon cutting will be held this morning in Eldorado to signify the completion of the three year project. In the picture: Steven Schneider addresses the Fond du Lac County Board.